— To think about the research in artistic education implies to think about the research in art

Abstract Research Institute in Art, Design and Society (i2ADS), School of Fine Arts, University of Porto (Portugal) jcpaiva@vodafone.pt

When understanding the Artistic Education as a singular epistemological/ ontological field, this implies the urgent need for promoting a wider research in Artistic Education. The purpose should be to clarify accurately its nature and to promote the production of a dialogue and assertive knowledge of the indispensable character of artistic education in nowadays controversial space-time. Artistic Education is currently identified as a specific and broad field that includes: the teaching of artistic and visual culture for citizenship; the mediation gaps between art and the public; the educational immanence of art, of artists and actors from the art field. This, however, cannot be separated from the art field itself where artistic education is anchored and focused. Hence, the procedures of research in artistic education have an ambivalent feeding and anthropophagic action in the art research – a recognized space of a specific complexity where there is urgency in clarifying the peculiarities and senses. On this basis, the essence of reflection is focused on the doing/studio/workshop space, which is currently considered a quiet, intimate and solitary dialog between thinking and the objectual conformation of the work. That time of translation of a thinking into an act, where the ‘silent language’ builds a new reality, sets up processes, reveals the difficulties of putting into language the untranslatability of decisions, to overcome the impotence in transferring all the power released in a dialoguing field, out of understandable living experiences. The authors share the peculiarity of commom artistic and educational pathways in the area of printing techniques, thus enabling to melt a global reflection with personal experience and to use their own workshop/studio time to clear up procedures. Key words Artistic Education, Doing/Studio/Workshop, Printmaking Paradinha, Joana (student de PhD) — nEA, Instituto de Investigação em Arte, Design e Sociedade (i2ADS)- School of Fine Arts, University of Porto Paiva, José Carlos de (PhD) — nEA, Instituto de Investigação em Arte, Design e Sociedade (i2ADS)- School of Fine Arts, University of Porto